Executive Coaching Services

With Dr Brian Hemmings C.Psychol, AFBPsS; FBASES
HCPC Registered Sport/Performance Psychologist

Help your people to:

  • Improve wellbeing and resilience
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and deliverables
  • Manage and resolve conflict
  • Improve presentation skills and public speaking
  • Build interpersonal, assertiveness and communication skills
  • Lead and manage ‘difficult’ people
  • Prepare for performance reviews and appraisals
  • Tackle presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Achieve work-life balance and effective remote working
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Build confidence
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About Dr Brian Hemmings

Dr Brian Hemmings has over 30 years’ experience as a psychologist in executive coaching, elite level sport, education, mentoring and academic research.

He has helped chief executives, company chairs, entrepreneurs and business professionals from different nationalities and backgrounds.

In sport he has worked with ‘major’ winners in golf, gold medalists in boxing, Grand Prix winners in Formula 1, performance directors, tournament winners in professional cricket and Olympic athletes.

The author of many books on performance psychology, Brian has developed a global reputation for excellence.

He has clients in the USA, China, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and across Europe.
Brian specialises in enhancing performance and enabling personal growth, resilience and wellbeing for people in a range of contexts.

PGA, Arbeitstagung 2017,  Gala-Abend, 4./5.2.2017.

Some call my role high performance coaching; others call it personal effectiveness training.

Whatever the title, my excellence has been in building professional relationships in sport and the commercial/corporate sector and helping people perform better than ever before, and to achieve their goals more consistently while maintaining personal health and wellbeing.

Elite athletes know a lot about high performance because they practise so much to compete relatively little. Athletes and coaches are also accustomed to being judged solely on their performances and results.

There are many transferable psychological skills people can develop in the workplace.

I look to help them understand and boost their performance and wellbeing, improve their relationships, and support and challenge them to identify and meet personal and professional goals.

Typically, at an individual level this entails using insights and techniques to maximise their skills, manage transitions, and overcome challenges and setbacks.

You and your people will learn how to use performance and wellbeing principles to succeed at work.

high performance

An impactful and value-for-money service

Coaching relationships differ in collaborative style, content, frequency, duration and mode. However, what is consistent across individuals is that specific personal and performance goals need to be identified and aligned with organisational goals.

High-performance coaching requires bespoke, individual programmes of support. I strive to deliver what is necessary and when it is required, working flexibly for each individual. A personalised approach comes from a familiarisation phase, building working relationships and maintaining visibility.

Problem Solving

My reputation and style

Personal reputation is built over time through the development of trust, rapport and credibility. I believe my reputation reflects professionalism, a ‘down-to-earth’ conversational style, attention to task detail, and reliably meeting the needs of individuals in the pursuit of their goals.

My professional qualifications and experience also show that psychoeducation is vital to ensure clients learn skills and retain them for use after the support relationship has ended.
I also understand that excellence is not easy in any field.

practical Delivery

UK and global locations

Executive coaching, like professional sport, often requires flexibility of access at potentially worldwide destinations.

This means using a range of communication methods (including in-person meetings and virtual platforms) to suit people working across different time zones. The mode of delivery is matched to practicality and client needs.

Consultancy Services

Executive coaching sessions can include:

Performance profiling​


Monitoring and evaluation​

Psychometric testing (EPS – Wellbeing)​

Bespoke individual interventions​

Full CV and multiple client references available on request.

Full professional indemnity insurance

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I will share my expertise and knowledge to help you and your business.


What they said

“I have been fortunate enough in my professional life to work with many amazing people, all from whom I have learnt a little something. However, only 3 or 4 people have helped me really make a quantum shift in the way I think and take me to a new level of performance, and Brian Hemmings is one of them.”

Andy Crook, Managing Director, Whitewall Sport

“I wanted to utilise Brian’s expertise in translating sport psychology principles into executive coaching. The relationship I have developed with Brian, built on mutual values and beliefs, allowed us to harness a strong rapport for discussing the challenges as a business executive and business owner.”

Luke Whiting, Chief Executive Officer, Yarway Group

“Brian not only helped me ask myself all the right questions but also pointed me towards the right answers. I cannot emphasise enough how helpful those sessions with Brian have been for me, he has played a key role in all my sporting successes since we started working together.”

Francois Perrodo, Chairman, Perenco Oil and Gas

“When Brian and I work together it is very much about improving and fine-tuning my processes; if I improve these, my results take care of themselves.”

Danny Willett, U.S. Masters Golf Champion, 2016

“When I first moved to England and was trying hard to ensure I had all my bases covered and was best-prepared for everything that European racing could throw at me – both on and off track – it was very useful having the opportunity to chat to Brian about issues that were frustrating me and for him to help put them into perspective. Because he has worked with a lot of very successful sportsmen and women who have to deal with high-pressure situations in their chosen sport, he was able to share and pass on a lot of knowledge and advice which helped my own psychological preparation at a crucial stage of my career.”

Mark Webber, 9-time F1 Grand Prix winner, Double Winner British/Monaco GP’s

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Performance Profiling

I have utilised ‘performance profiling’ in a variety of sport and business contexts for many years. Below is an example of an aspiring Formula 1 motorsport driver. In any organizational/business setting, just like this example, the aim is to elicit the important qualities/attributes of ‘performance’ for each individual, to identify self-rated strengths and areas of improvement, and to communicate goals and actions.


Psychoeducation involves learning about and understanding performance in your specific context, mental health, resilience, emotional processing and wellbeing. It is similar to physical education, where you learn about how your body works, how to look after it, and the impacts of different strains or stressors – but instead you apply this to the mind.

Understanding performance and well-being and ways of improving it is a proactive step towards looking after yourself better. The personal testimonials this website demonstrate my ability to deliver a high-quality service working with clients; some of which have been long- term in nature. My professional qualifications and experience also show that psychoeducation is vital to ensure clients learn skills, retain them, and become independent in their use after the support/coaching relationship has ended.

Psychometric testing (EPS – Wellbeing)

Employers are having to confront the realities of what their employees will be experiencing as we deal with the prolonged effects of Covid-19. Without an engaged and resilient workforce organisations will struggle, yet wellbeing is difficult to quantify.  The Emotional Processing Scale – Wellbeing (EPS-W) is a quick and efficient online assessment that provides guidance for improving wellbeing and resilience. It offers insights for employees regarding their emotional strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggested actions for improving emotional understanding.

The EPS-W is a 25-item questionnaire for identifying vulnerabilities to stress, improving wellbeing, and building resilience in the workplace.  It is designed for use in coaching and development across all organisational levels, or as part of a well-being/thriving intervention.  Taking 5-10 minutes to complete online, the EPS-W asks respondents to rate how much each statement applies to the way they felt or acted during the past week. Several subscales are measured, and a total emotional processing score is generated.   The EPS-W Technical and Personal Insight Reports help employees understand and enhance the way in which they handle emotions and specific situations.  The measure can be used to:

  • identify and quantify healthy and troubled styles of emotional processing
  • assess the contribution of poor emotional processing to individual stress
  • provide a framework to help employees understand and manage decisions

The EPS-W can provide useful insights into how individuals and teams manage change, transitions, and challenges in roles. Some example areas of application include:

  • coaching or training to enhance resilience and wellbeing
  • assist in roles that may experience high stress and demanding work environments
  • developing employees in client facing roles
  • as part of emotional intelligence development / wellbeing programmes
  • leadership and management training
  • personal development
  • helping those who are moving into new working practices for example individuals returning to work in an office environment after remote working