“I have been fortunate enough in my professional life to work with many amazing people, all from whom I have learnt a little something. However, only 3 or 4 people have helped me really make a quantum shift in the way I think and take me to a new level of performance, and Brian Hemmings is one of them.”

Andy Crook, Managing Director, Whitewall Sport

“I wanted to utilise Brian’s expertise in translating sport psychology principles into executive coaching. The relationship I have developed with Brian, built on mutual values and beliefs, allowed us to harness a strong rapport for discussing the challenges as a business executive and business owner.”

Luke Whiting, Chief Executive Officer, Yarway Group

“Brian not only helped me ask myself all the right questions but also pointed me towards the right answers. I cannot emphasise enough how helpful those sessions with Brian have been for me, he has played a key role in all my sporting successes since we started working together.”

Francois Perrodo, Chairman, Perenco Oil and Gas

“When I first moved to England and was trying hard to ensure I had all my bases covered and was best-prepared for everything that European racing could throw at me – both on and off track – it was very useful having the opportunity to chat to Brian about issues that were frustrating me and for him to help put them into perspective. Because he has worked with a lot of very successful sportsmen and women who have to deal with high-pressure situations in their chosen sport, he was able to share and pass on a lot of knowledge and advice which helped my own psychological preparation at a crucial stage of my career.”

Mark Webber, 9-time F1 Grand Prix winner, Double Winner British/Monaco GP’s

“When Brian and I work together it is very much about improving and fine-tuning my processes; if I improve these, my results take care of themselves.”

Danny Willett, U.S. Masters Golf Champion, 2016

“Call it coaching, mentoring, training or a sounding board, my time working with Brian encompassed all these elements. Over a 10-year period in my sporting career Brian’s advice, support and empathy provided me with invaluable counsel.    He has an ability to help you focus and prioritise on the things that really matter first, allowing you to declutter your mind and concentrate on the impending task. Performance anxiety was a constant area of challenge for me and on many occasions Brian’s ability to listen and then help me focus on what I could control were vital components to my consistent performance over a sustained period of time.   I’ve no doubt that without Brian’s guidance my professional career would not have lasted as long as it did.”

Stephen Peters Director - UK Retail; HWI UK

“I have no hesitation in recommending Brian as absolutely the right person to work with to help you identify and achieve your goals. He has a real ability to cut through the noise and focus on the desired outcomes that will really make a difference. If you need someone with a calming, cool-headed approach to the most hectic, stressful work/life situations, then he is your man.”

Darren Eaves, Director Deks Consulting Ltd.

“Brian has a great depth of knowledge and has the skill to distil this knowledge in a form that makes it both extremely engaging and very clear to understand. In addition, he has outstanding empathy and creates rapport in a way that quickly fosters a trusting relationship. Brian has given outstanding support and guidance which has undoubtedly helped to develop my coaching career.”

Paul Ashwell, National Coach, Professional Golfers Association

“I’ve known Brian professionally since 2005. The way Brian approached working with me was different to other psychologists and this was key to our professional relationship growing. He enabled me to discuss things at length and he listened intently. Aside from helping develop my cricket performance he became an all-round confidante, and also played a major part in guiding me through the transition from playing to ‘real world work’.  Brian really cares about everyone he works with and his knowledge, empathy and ability to strike the right tone at the right time, particularly in a 121 environment, is something I valued hugely. I would highly recommend him to anyone without any hesitation whatsoever..”

David Wigley, Senior Vice President (Sales Leader/Director) at Marsh McLennan

“Brian’s innovative and direct approach has always paid dividends in finding successful solutions, helping individuals and teams arrive at the outcomes they were trying to achieve. I always look forward to meeting and working with Brian as I know I am in for an interesting session, where without fail I learn something new and useful.”

Nigel Furniss, Former Performance Director, England Golf

“I have no doubt that my sessions with Brian have been a thoroughly worthwhile exercise. Trust and good communication are key in reaching goals in the business world, and these are both facets of the working relationship we developed. Brian helped me to recognise and enhance positive behaviours that led me to be clearer about reaching my targets.  An emphasis on the need for clear and constructive communication has had a positive impact upon my business relationships, with colleagues, employees and clients alike.”

John Baines; Director, Fluid Technical Services

“While Brian’s approach is unique to each individual, his principles are clear and consistent, focused on the quality of the human-relationship, developing trust and openness, building self-awareness and the skill of self-reflection. Brian has a quiet, clear facilitation style, which encourages the group to find its way to the nub of the issues via skilful prompting and identification of the issues that need to be aired. Crucially, Brian leaves people with tools they will use on an ongoing basis, rather than seeking to provide a band-aid or short-term magic potion. This, together with his focus on the quality of the relationships he builds, explains why people choose to keep Brian’s card in their wallet and benefit from his care and attention when the need arises. When working with Brian, you feel like you’re in it together, and that things will get better.”

Phil Rowe, English Cricket Board, Elite and Specialist Coach Mentor

“I have attended many of Brian’s seminars throughout the years. He is a master at taking a hammer to well-known psychological concepts and really bothering to look at the nuts and bolts of how techniques work and the process behind delivering them successfully. Attending a presentation by Brian is a tour-de-force; he presents in a no-nonsense, no-jargon way with an unrelenting thirst to get to heart of a subject. He has a genuine regard for his audience and manages to be challenging, warm and honest in his delivery.”

Jonathan Bint, C. Psychol.; HCPC Registered Psychologist

“I have over 25 years B2B2C experience growing business and leading international teams in the performance apparel market.  I’ve known Brian for 15 years and he has had a significant impact on me as a mentor. Our relationship developed on early morning runs and I remember one vividly: I had recently moved into a new role and was having a challenging time getting to grips with a larger team. Brian patiently listened to my woes and as we ran up a hill, he stopped us both, looked directly at me and asked, ‘How can I help?’ It was a powerful moment of unconditional kindness, and one which I will always remember. As a mentor, he recognised my early enthusiasm for coaching (before I did) and provided encouragement, guidance and feedback on ways to nurture this interest – which led me to a Post Graduate qualification, developing my own practice and clients and helped me with a new approach to building teams.”

Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, Managing Director, HD(r) Wool Apparel Insulation.

“I worked closely with Brian Hemmings for 15 years when coaching International and Tour players and preparing them for big tournaments. Brian always works in a warm, humorous and easy-to-understand way. I am confident that time spent working with Brian will bring great insights into any kind of human performance, whether in business or sport, and provide techniques to improve the skillset of any individual.”

David Ridley, Former National Coach of the England Team, European Tour Coach, PGA Master Professional

“Having coached alongside Brian within England Golf and individual clients his knowledge of psychology and timing of information is superb. I recommend any coach, athlete or individual to seek his helpful and insightful psychology expertise whatever field you may happen to work in.”

Graham Walker, England National Lead & European Tour Coach, PGA Master Professional

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